Friday, February 18, 2011

Steps to the Cure Model!!

ok I know that it has been FOREVER since I last posted anything. Just an update, I am doing well and am still cancer free!! Praise the Lord.. My Oncologist has moved to a different office so I will be seeing a new oncologist in a few months but am still positive about it all.. Everyone here is doing well,, Nathan lost his first tooth on V-day, Elisha is in a new reading program, & Aaron had his tonsils & adenoids removed a week ago but is slowly getting back to normal.. My hubby is still busy working but is doing well.. (sorry just alittle update on all of us)!!

I wanted to post this (which I also put on FB) which is about a event that is coming up in April that I am in.. Check it out!

I never thought that I would be asked to be a model or even be asked to represent an organization as a model. The Red Devils organization ( has asked me to represent them at the Steps to the Cure Modeling show!! How funny is that, me a model but of course I accepted cause The Red Devils is such a amazing organization that has helped so many people including my family. So in April I will be walking the runway!! :) I am attaching this link ( where you can go and donate to this function under my name. I have also given the Red Devils website so you can go to there and see what that organization is all about and you can also see, from my link, what the Steps to the Cure event is.. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

I want to just thank all of you for your support and love this last few years. I know that without God,our family, friends, & organizations like the Red devils, we would have not been able to be as strong and made it through!! We love each & everyone of you for the support & prayers!!


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Finally, I am done with my treatments!! It is such a great feeling to be done with everything but at the same time not sure what to do with myself. I have been treating this since August 09 ' and now to go from everyday to nothing, is sometimes hard to get to use to, but I think I can handle it!! :) I have been going to the Y everyday, except for Tuesday. It has felt so good to go and work out and the kids are enjoying meeting new friends and playing with old ones as well!! We have been so blessed through this trial and I am so thankful that the Lord never left my side. It is an amazing feeling to know that he is there and will carry me when I fall. I thank all our family & friends that have been praying for us and helping us in every way, big or small. We have learned so much and have felt so loved!! We are looking forward to our big celebration in August, to mark the 1 year since my diagnosis and to Thank everyone for everything.

Thank you again for all the prayers.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Radiation has begun.

I started radiation on Thursday the 4th and the first 2 days have gone fine. Now we just have about 30 more treatments!!! I just pray that the rest of the treatments will go by smoothly. It has felt like a long journey but there is a end in sight!! Looking forward to Spring coming and that everyone will get healthy and stay that way!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long time....

Ok, so I know that it has been FOREVER since I have update this, but I had forgotten my password! :) I know it is the chemo. Well since Thanksgiving we have finished the last 4 chemo treatments and am getting ready to start the radiation process. This chemo experience has been LONG and exhausted but we have made it through. As I try to think back from the beginning the one thing that I realize is that the Lord has been in control the whole time, even when I have not turned to him. I woke up this morning before it was even light out, and was thinking of how I been expecting the Lord to do everything but I have not been giving everything to him. Realizing that I have been trying to make it through this last chemo treatment on my own has made me more frusterated, stressed, depressed, etc. My desire from now on it to give everything to him and trust in him to lead me. We have celebrated Nathan's 7th Birthday and are getting ready to celebrate Aaron's 2nd birthday on the 26th. Through this month I look at my kids, husband, family & friends and can't believe that God loves me so much that he has blessed me with the most amazing people, even though I don't deserve anything. That is Gods mercy and grace that I have experienced and hope that everyone will be able to experience as well. I love you all for all the support, thoughts, and prayers.

"My beloved is mine, and I am his. He feeds His flock among the lilies." Song of Solomon 2:16

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

next chemo?

We are not doing anymore chemo until after Thanksgiving!!! I am so thankful that I will be able to actually enjoy Thanksgiving and give thanks for everything.

After Surgery!!

It has been a few weeks since surgery and I am doing fine. Still sore but good. I had an appointment yesterday with the surgeon and she said that I am healing really well. She gave me the ok to start Chemo again. She went over the pathology report with us and the Tumor ended up being only 1 cm, so it shrunk again between the MRI and the surgery!! They removed 3 lymph nodes and the extensive report showed a small microscopic bit of cancer, so good thing they took it out!!! After hearing that I really feel at peace about starting the rest of the treatments. I really was having a hard time understanding why I had to continue with chemo if they got it all and it all was negative for cancer, but after the report and talking to her I really feel that this is God speaking to me telling me that I need to finish these treatments and continue to trust in him to use the medicine to get rid of all of this. I am not looking forward to getting back into the chemo mode but I am at peace with what needs to be done.

I will be going today to meet with the oncologist and get out treatments scheduled and figure out the rest of plan. I will post more later about that appointment.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Surgery is finally done.

Today has been an experience, let me tell you!! We got to the hospital about 6:15 am and were met by Pastor Dan. He stayed for a little bit and prayed with us, which really helped calm the nerves. We went back about 7:10 am to the surgical waiting room. Around 8 I went back to get the wire placed in. The wire placement was not bad, the worst part was just the mamogram pictures they took. After they were done with that, before I was getting ready to head back, I decided to pass out!! LOL. So it took me awhile to get back to feeling ok to be taken to the surgical area. Got the IV and talked to everyone that was going to be back in the surgery. Off I went and they did their thing. I woke up feeling sore and tired. I have been a little nauseous since I passed out but am feeling better since I took a small nap at home. I am sore but not in too much pain, right now.

Kevin talked to Dr. Lentz after the surgery and she said that the Lymph nodes were negative and she got all of the tumor out and said that I am "CANCER FREE". Now the sad thing is that I still have to do 4 more chemo treatments, once I recover.

The Lord has been so good and I know that he has been here carrying us all through this. Thank you all for your prayers and we love all of you!!