Friday, February 18, 2011

Steps to the Cure Model!!

ok I know that it has been FOREVER since I last posted anything. Just an update, I am doing well and am still cancer free!! Praise the Lord.. My Oncologist has moved to a different office so I will be seeing a new oncologist in a few months but am still positive about it all.. Everyone here is doing well,, Nathan lost his first tooth on V-day, Elisha is in a new reading program, & Aaron had his tonsils & adenoids removed a week ago but is slowly getting back to normal.. My hubby is still busy working but is doing well.. (sorry just alittle update on all of us)!!

I wanted to post this (which I also put on FB) which is about a event that is coming up in April that I am in.. Check it out!

I never thought that I would be asked to be a model or even be asked to represent an organization as a model. The Red Devils organization ( has asked me to represent them at the Steps to the Cure Modeling show!! How funny is that, me a model but of course I accepted cause The Red Devils is such a amazing organization that has helped so many people including my family. So in April I will be walking the runway!! :) I am attaching this link ( where you can go and donate to this function under my name. I have also given the Red Devils website so you can go to there and see what that organization is all about and you can also see, from my link, what the Steps to the Cure event is.. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

I want to just thank all of you for your support and love this last few years. I know that without God,our family, friends, & organizations like the Red devils, we would have not been able to be as strong and made it through!! We love each & everyone of you for the support & prayers!!