Friday, October 23, 2009

Surgery is finally done.

Today has been an experience, let me tell you!! We got to the hospital about 6:15 am and were met by Pastor Dan. He stayed for a little bit and prayed with us, which really helped calm the nerves. We went back about 7:10 am to the surgical waiting room. Around 8 I went back to get the wire placed in. The wire placement was not bad, the worst part was just the mamogram pictures they took. After they were done with that, before I was getting ready to head back, I decided to pass out!! LOL. So it took me awhile to get back to feeling ok to be taken to the surgical area. Got the IV and talked to everyone that was going to be back in the surgery. Off I went and they did their thing. I woke up feeling sore and tired. I have been a little nauseous since I passed out but am feeling better since I took a small nap at home. I am sore but not in too much pain, right now.

Kevin talked to Dr. Lentz after the surgery and she said that the Lymph nodes were negative and she got all of the tumor out and said that I am "CANCER FREE". Now the sad thing is that I still have to do 4 more chemo treatments, once I recover.

The Lord has been so good and I know that he has been here carrying us all through this. Thank you all for your prayers and we love all of you!!

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