Saturday, February 20, 2010

Long time....

Ok, so I know that it has been FOREVER since I have update this, but I had forgotten my password! :) I know it is the chemo. Well since Thanksgiving we have finished the last 4 chemo treatments and am getting ready to start the radiation process. This chemo experience has been LONG and exhausted but we have made it through. As I try to think back from the beginning the one thing that I realize is that the Lord has been in control the whole time, even when I have not turned to him. I woke up this morning before it was even light out, and was thinking of how I been expecting the Lord to do everything but I have not been giving everything to him. Realizing that I have been trying to make it through this last chemo treatment on my own has made me more frusterated, stressed, depressed, etc. My desire from now on it to give everything to him and trust in him to lead me. We have celebrated Nathan's 7th Birthday and are getting ready to celebrate Aaron's 2nd birthday on the 26th. Through this month I look at my kids, husband, family & friends and can't believe that God loves me so much that he has blessed me with the most amazing people, even though I don't deserve anything. That is Gods mercy and grace that I have experienced and hope that everyone will be able to experience as well. I love you all for all the support, thoughts, and prayers.

"My beloved is mine, and I am his. He feeds His flock among the lilies." Song of Solomon 2:16